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What we commonly see is that an escape game business owners focuses primarily on improving their offerings in the store and they spend a great deal of time on management of those resources while maintaining the venue’s competitive edge in the marketplace. The problem being is that the external technology: their websites, social media, advertising and email marketing tends to be neglected due to lack of resources or management. That’s where Escape Games Global comes in...

The Escape Games Global Site Creator allows you to manage your website’s creation yourself or simply delegate its responsibilities to a webmaster of your choice. If you’d prefer, we can even help you with your day-to-day updates. We want your website to be easy to manage, easy to update and most importantly: conversion friendly. You’ll be able to select each particular element of your site’s design and customize it with a selection of dozens of pre-built templates. Each template has been tested and refined to increase its conversion potential. So you let our team work on improving your conversions while you work on improving your day to day business.

"I want my website to do more than simply exist, I want it actively promoting and emailing my customers every day"


  • Your site's converting power is our most important priority - more info
    The Escape Games Global Site Creator was designed with conversion as the highest priority. There are common rules of practice when creating a website that should always be followed and more often than not, designers are more concerned about the look and feel and programmers are focused on the efficiency while Escape Games Global focuses on a package where design, programming and marketing come together to make an effective conversion tool.
  • The Escape Games Global Site Creator can connect with most payment services to help you track your conversions and where they came from.
  • We funnel your customers towards your main conversions - more info
    We prioritize what links your customers can click on. If the link will generate revenue we put a high value on that link. If the link will generate trust, a value as well. We use these values to create an internal linking strategy that’s right for your website and ensures that your visitors are always heading towards what you want, be it bookings, events or franchising.
  • We're always refining our website templates to increase conversion - more info
    We manage each individual website template’s conversion statistics to see how well it performs in the marketplace. If a given template isn’t as converting as strongly as it should, we refine it to ensure the tags are using the latest standards and the call to action is bold enough to engage your customers.

Email Marketing

  • Our system will use passive email marketing to your customer base - more info
    One of the biggest advantages of using the Escape Game Global Site Creator is that you can now efficiently email market to your customers!
  • Allows you to create your own email campaign or use Escape Games Global to do it for you - more info
    You have easy access to every email address in your system and because of that, you can now customize your own email marketing campaign with much more ease.
  • Easy metrics in email marketing leads to better decision making and higher profit margins - more info
    You’ll be able to not only designate which group of users you want to target but you’ll be able to track how well they convert on each individual goal you require. If you’re paying $500 for this email marketing campaign? In the end, the email campaign should tell you exactly how much you money you received from the campaign so you can easily deduce your profit margins and worth of the campaign.

Website Visibility

  • We use the latest search engine optimizaiton practices to improve your rankings - more info
    Our team has deep-rooted ties to search engine marketing and our designers and programmers have always had an undercurrent that focuses on search engine visibility. Your site will use all the cool tricks and practices search engine marketers use and you’ll see their effectiveness when viewing your rankings in the search engines.
  • We've done the search engine optimization research so you can benefit without all the headache - more info
    We can instantaneously create your meta tags based on your business’s information which will be one of your largest factors on improving your search engine rankings. One of the first thing a search engine marketer will do, once hired, is create your meta tags: title, description and keywords, based on what market research determines are most often searched for in your industry. Getting that data and creating those tags costs money for each individual business owner while using our system, you'll get the research-based implementation without the cost.
  • New and unique page content will allow your site to climb search engine rankings - more info
    By utilizing the Escape Game Global Stats as well as taking photos of each team, you’ll be accumulating a lot of new page content. Search engines love sites with a lot of relevant content. While some of your competitors sites may have 3 - 10 pages, you’ll be creating hundreds of new indexable pages on your site. Which site do you feel that the search engines will think has more information regarding escape games? Yours.

Return Business

  • Your site will now have interesting content and that will lead visitors to your site passively - more info
    Your site now has team photos, stats, looks fantastic and converts its users. Site visitors have a reason to check out your site’s content because it’s interesting, not just because they want to book a game. Your site will have turned into a business site to an informative site that sells an adventure that adds players to an index of glory all with undercurrents and suggestions of generating revenue!
  • Friends and family of your customers have a much higher likelihood to visit your website - more info
    Fun content, social media friendly and highly linkable, your site will bring in new business from people that just want to check out what you’re doing and see their friend’s achievements.
Examples of a finalized website design
using the Escape Games Global Site Creator
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A view of the administration panel for modifying your site's
elements we do all the heavy lifting while you just select the
images that best represent your escape game business
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You select which themes best represent
each section of your website, above you can see
some of those options for your escape room listings
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