Help your customers Make a Memory!


Reward your players passively and help create their memory!

Our achievement system gives players memorable, digital rewards for playing in your escape games.

  • Engages your customers to play harder before they step into the game
  • Achievement points are highly sharable on social media and has been done so by video games for over a decade
  • All achievement points are stored on your website so players will can check their rankings whenever they'd like
  • Achievement points allow your players to feel more special, more unique, more rewarded

Stat & Waiver System

No longer just a requirement. It will add value to your games and bring people back to your business!

The Waiver and integrated stat system allows you to seamlessly track a player's waiver, progression and website activity without having to chance any additional steps for the customer!

  • Stimulates competition in your players
  • Gives players further goals to allow them to further distinguish themselves from their competitor
  • Players can see their personal stats prior to the game to further motivate their success
  • Email marketing focused on conversion

Team Photos

As technology improves in our industry, the requirement for native team photos on your website becomes more important than ever

The addition of team photos and email marketing to your website will improve your site's traffic and rankings dramatically.

  • Leverages social media for your business
  • Dramatic search engine boosts via increased backlinks
  • Absurdly efficient process, does not add overhead to your business
  • Progressive technology impresses and gives off an impression of organization

Site Creator

Managing a website and it's webmaster can be cumbersome and unwiedly but we can simplify all that

Our Site Creator was built specifically for escape games and we've focused our efforts on conversion, promotion, ease-of-access and UI to create an intuitive product that allows you to manage your web presence more effectively.

  • We funnel your customers towards your main conversions
  • Easy metrics in email marketing leads to better decision making and higher profit margins
  • We use the latest search engine optimizaiton practices to improve your rankings
  • The Escape Games Global Site Creator can connect with most payment services to help you track your conversions and where they came from.