Team Photos

Most every escape game business tries to take a team photo of their players so that those who participated can share it with their friends and hopefully have a memory close-at-hand that perhaps will stimulate return business on another day. Most escape game venues do not have the capability or the technology to manage their own photo system and those that use third party photo solutions have to deal with cumbersome systems and are unwieldy and unportable. Escape Games Global changes all that!

Enter the Escape Games Global Team Photos! It’s convenient, easy to use and it also records player stats passively. Not only will it take a team photo, it will save it in your administration system, post it on your website and it also handles your email marketing! By using passive email marketing and suggesting other escape rooms and potentially promoting discounts to those players who attended you’ll be increasing revenue and all with just one press of a button!

"If all of my customers see value in their team's photo, I want that value residing on my website."

New & Return Business

  • Free organic advertising - more info
    With more social media shares, you are obtaining free advertising to each person’s circle of influence potentially creating new business.
  • A thriving business invites a healthier customer base - more info
    By the simple presence of so many updated and timestamped team photos on your website, new customers will be enticed to convert by simple virtue of your healthy escape game business.
  • Obtain more touch points with all of your customers - more info
    With the email marketing and team photo link, your customers will find additional touch points in their email.
  • Progressive technology impresses and gives off an impression of organization - more info
    The team photo is so simple and elegant and so far ahead of what the industry uses now, it'll impress your players with your organization due to the fact your business will have emailed their team photo before they actually leave your venue

Website Visibility

  • You can now properly leverage social media for your business - more info
    Due to the emailed photo link and social media tools, you'll find your website shared and linked much more on social media
  • Search engines love updated content and you are creating new pages every day - more info
    Due to the public nature of your player's photos on your website, it will create new content for your search engines to rank
  • Dramatic search engine boosts via numerous backlinks - more info
    Given the social media shares and new links to your team photos, you will have generated backlinks to your website which will boost your search engine rankings dramatically

Absurdly Efficient

  • Taking a team photo and recording stats is an extremely streamlined process - more info
    If you take team photos of your players, you're not adding any new steps into your day-to-day.
  • A few keypresses leads you to photos, stats and emails for each player - more info
    By taking the photo you are doing four things instantaneously:
    • Saving a photo to your website
    • Saving all player stats to your website
    • Emailing a photo link to every participants
    • Notifies every participant with their earned achievements and stats
  • Searching for archived team photos is easier than ever - more info
    The manner in which your administration panel allows you to access your team photos, it will make it much easier to find old team photos for requesting customers
It's just that easy to capture
every player on your website
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Finalizing some escape game while
taking team photos in website administration
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A player is prompted with his stats and potential
achievements upon completion of their next game
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