The escape game industry is growing faster than ever before. In this booming industry technological advances happen over time and the most glaring evolutionary step in the escape game industry is the recording of player and game stats to allow players to track themselves, compete with others and become actual competitors within the industry.

Player competition has proven to increase business in many industries and giving the players unfettered access to their statistics, accolades and rankings allows players the ability to grow as a competitor and compete virtually with other players around the nation, thus stimulating return business by giving those players an avenue of progression.

"I want a way to leverage all of the escape game data I've accumulated to generate more revenue"

Return Business

  • Each player will receive an email that offers further escape room opportunities from your business.
  • Player stats will bring them to your site which brings them closer to converting again - more info
    By visiting their stats on your website, you bring them one step closer to the purchase of another escape game.
  • Competition breeds healthy gameplay and return business - more info
    By creating leaderboards and leveraging achievements, players tend to become competitive and with competition, comes repetitious gameplay.
  • Use email marketing to specific customer profiles for the best results - more info
    In knowing a player’s habits and patterns, email marketing becomes a far more effective means of generating new conversions.

Website Visibility

  • Increased unique page count boosts your search engine rating - more info
    Due to your site’s new player profiles and games, your site’s page count will increase dramatically and which will give you a boost in the search engines.
  • Automatically search engine optimized page content creation - more info
    Now that you have new content on your site, the Escape Games Global Site Creator’s search engine optimization makes sure that all of those pages boost your overall rankings for the keywords that matter.
  • Proud players link to proud stats and more links to your website means a better search engine ranking - more info
    Now that players can find something of value on your website, they’ll share it on social media or link to it on their own websites. The search engines will find those links (commonly referred to as “backlinks”) and give your website a healthy boost in the rankings.

Administration Efforts

  • View full player history in an instant - more info
    You now have the ability to look up any one of your customers in your administration panel in an instant. You can find which games they played, when they played them and even send them a link to their previous game’s team photo.
  • Leverage email marketing based on player-specific trends - more info
    You can filter through those players who are more prone to receive conversion-driven email marketing due to their interest and activity in attempting escape games.
  • Promotion specific content that can be emailed to specific sub-groups of players - more info
    You can drill-down on player’s to find their activity, their common teammates and leverage their relationships to offer more effective promotions.
Leaderboards and competition are a huge
part of maximizing return business from players
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Viewing a previously completed escape game
from your website's administration panel
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Viewing a player's profile and seeing
their escape game history, stats and photos
from your website's administration panel
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Viewing a player's profile
from an escape game website
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