"My customers aren't always competitive but they still enjoy seeing how they stack up to others."

Escape room leaderboards are a staple to almost every escape room. We try to provide a more granular approach to escape room leaderboards because we feel that accomplishment really locks in a customer’s good memory and that’s our industry’s currency. We designed our leaderboards so that there are multiple metrics in which we can compliment a player’s performance. Chances are, we’ll give you a way to tell your customers how special they after a game are and that typically leads to return business.

Leaderboards Features

  • Automatically distributed to worthy customers
  • A vast array of leaderboards broken into team size for each metric
  • Players can track their progress at any time on your website
  • Distinguishes players from each another
  • Prominently featured on Escape Games Global Stats
  • Engages players before and after their escape game
  • Well known mechanic in video game industry
  • Plugs into Escape Games Global achievements flawlessly


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