Escape Game players commonly have many similarities to video gamers. They use their minds to solve puzzles, win victories, compete with other players and finish the game, dungeon or escape room. So when considering how to bring return business back to escape game venues we decided to implement a feature that most video gamers are familiar with: achievements.

Achievements are simply small “badges” given to those who complete small goals while playing your escape room such as “escape room x within 50 minutes” or “escape room y with less than 5 people”. Upon completion of the escape room (when using Escape Game Global Stats), they will automatically be awarded the appropriate achievements. Each achievement has a point value that’s dependent on the difficulty of the achievement. While players accrue these points, they can distinguish themselves from other players as well as your store from other competitors.

In our industry most escape games have leaderboards that they display in their lobby or online. I’ve heard many players half-heartedly mention escape game leaderboards but those players aren’t enticed enough to compete for those ranks. So the system that most businesses use to entice players to compete is only really interesting for an extremely low percentage of their customer base. So why not create more metrics? Why not value overall participation in addition to a quick escape? Why not let the player taste progression a little bit to entice them to experience more of it and return back to your business to ge? That’s where achievements come in.

"We want to make a memory and rewarding players for their intelligence is the best place to start"

Engages Players

  • Players will be much more engaged when they realize they can earn achievements passively while trying to complete your escape games.
  • Teams can create strategic plans to obtain specific achievements in each escape game they play.
  • Players can compare their achievement points to other players on their team that may stimulate further interest in the escape game to come.

Return business

  • Players can now continue their progress into their next escape game by trying to accumulate more achievement points.
  • Being that your players may become competitive with their achievement points, your players may return to accumulate more achievement points.
  • The more your store or our service stimulates the competitive value of achievement points, the more likely you are to receive return business from previous customers.

Email Marketing

  • Having achievement points and new leaderboards allow you more talking points to email market to your own players.
  • Create monthly newsletters that email out your players telling them how many achievement points they have, giving them links to your escape games that they could earn more achievement points in and saying what classification of escape gamer they are based on their achievement points.
  • Create promotions in email marketing that allow users to “spend” achievement points at your store to get discounts.
Various achievements that your players can earn
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A player's national profile that celebrates
their high achievement points
An email received by a player after completing
an escape game at a popular escape game venue
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