"My players deserve to be reckognized for their creative puzzle solving."

We want to find ways to brag about your player’s performance. We want your players to feel intelligence, unique, and fantastic about their efforts. That’s where achievements comes in. Achievements are small goals such “escape in less than 50 minutes” or “escape with 2 tips or less” that allows us to reward players with achievement points and badges. These achievement points are then used to glorify player’s efforts against other players. We wanted to find more than one way for players to excel in the leaderboards, achievements are that answer.

Achievement Features

  • Automatically distributed to worthy customers
  • Players can track their progress at any time on your website
  • Distinguishes players from each another
  • Engages players before and after their escape game
  • Well known mechanic in video game industry
  • Plugs into Escape Games Global leaderboards flawlessly


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