Escape Room Waivers

Escape Room Waiver Features

  • Pre-populate customer info
  • A Waiver for each Attraction*
  • Updates Mailchimp
  • Manages team names passively
  • Exportable customers
  • Can be filled out online
  • Can be filled out via phone
  • Question customization
  • Color customization
  • Customizable terms
  • Minor support
  • Fuels statistical charting
  • Works on any device

Our escape room waivers are not only the best looking waivers in the industry, they're the least expensive too! They look great, their gamified, they prepopulate and their accessible for use in your store, on the web and on any device. We have the best escape room waivers in the industry and we're very proud of that fact!

* Requires Empowered Subscription plan or better