Escape game businesses, more often then not, require their players to sign a waiver before playing an escape room. Waivers come in all shapes and sizes but all waivers require the input of personal information and a little bit of patience as the players slowly fill out their information in small form fields. It's not a fun process but all your customers simply see it as a begrudging requirement.

What if your customers saw the waiver system as a way to entice them to play more games, to become return customers, to compete with their friends and debate over who is the better escape artist? We believe that the current waiver systems just leaves money on the table and if you are going to pay a subscription fee to a piece of software, your business deserves to get a better return on investment.

"My waiver system should do more than just store signatures that I'll never use"

The Escape Games Global waiver system takes nothing for granted! While the primary goal was protecting you legally, we wanted to make it fun and easy for the player to not only complete the waiver but to excite them about the game to come while giving them bragging rights to their friends.

Return Business

  • Stimulates competition in your players - more info
    Unlike other waiver system, the Escape Games Global Waivers engages players to show off their rankings and performance in an effort to increase repeat business.
  • Email marketing focused on conversion - more info
    Upon completion of the escape game, with the personal information our waiver has already collected, we will email the player about their progress and activity in a manner designed to further convert that player via promotional offerings and competitive statistical engagement.

Engages Players

  • Generates increased interest in a player's escape game selection and their progress within - more info
    Since the waiver system has access to all of a player’s data that you or any other escape game venue has recorded with the Escape Games Global Stats, we can display personal information such as stats, achievements and information about the game they are about to play.
  • Gives players more goals to allow them to further distinguish themselves from their competitors - more info
    As a player finalizes their waiver, they are shown which achievements they will be trying to complete during their escape game. This will further incentivize the player to play harder because they are earning more than just the escape game experience.
  • Players can see their personal stats prior to the game to further motivate their success - more info
    Players are also shown their personal stats they have accumulated using any escape game venue that uses the Escape Games Global Stats which they can use for bragging rights or to show their friends.
  • Speeds up the signup process by pre-populating fields if the user is a return customer - more info
    Our waiver system also checks to see if the player has previously filled out their personal information in our system and if so, helps them skip the majority of the annoying form fields that they typically have to endure.

Built for Escape Games

  • Escape Games Global was engineered by escape game customers, we knew what we wanted - more info
    The Escape Games Global Waivers was built for escape games by escape game participants. We know what the customers want because we are customers, and we built the tools that we always wanted to use when playing escape games.
  • We want to engage the player to help their team perform better than other teams and we want to reward each team for their performances.
  • Your player's experience doesn't end when they walk out your door, it's just beginning - more info
    When you escape a room we don’t want that feeling of accomplishment to end when you walk out the door, we want that victory to be taken to the internet where it can be shared, linked and talked about.
  • We want to give every player bragging rights because it motivates them to return.
The various screens of our waiver system
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Various achievements that your players can earn
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An email received by a player after completing
an escape game at a popular escape game venue
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