Team Photo Printing

Escape Room High Resolution Team Photo Printing Features

  • Adds an additional revenue stream
  • Easy and seamless
  • Can be screencasted to show customers
  • Hooks up to any printer
  • Prints at up to 4,000 resolution
  • A tried-and-true upsell for entertainment

We've seen and heard of escape room stores selling team photos at the time of purchase or after a game. We can certainly say that selling the printed, high resolution team photos during the booking process converts much more often then after the escape room, we thought it would be a great feature to add in to the Escape Games Global.

Add a new revenue stream by allowing customers to purchase their high resolution team photos from your store. You can even screencast your team photos to your TV lobbby so the entire group can select what they want!

Easy and seamless, you can now effective earn more revenue by printing out team photos to your customers!



* waiver required