What does the software do?

There are 5 major software components to a customer's life cycle in an attraction:
  • Booking
  • Waivers
  • In-game room management
  • Team photo distribution
  • Email Marketing follow ups
Our software handles 3 out of the 5, those being waivers, team photo distribution and marketing follow ups. You will still need to find a booking platform as well as in-game room management.

To get a bit more in-depth, our software has many different premium addons that can replace a variety of online services. You can pick and choose what addons you'd like to use for your business and though we may not replace all of your service needs, we may be able to integrate with them in a seamless fashion.

Escape Games Global provides the following services:
  • Waivers
  • Email Campaigns (i.e. Mailchimp, SendInBlue Constant Contact)
  • Review management
  • Team photo distribution
  • SMS texting (if in North America)
  • Player stats, leaderboards and achievements
  • Virtual escape room inventory systems

How does the software work?

Though you can customize the process by adding in specific steps, the traditional steps to the customer flow is:
  1. Customers complete your waiver
  2. Customers play your attraction
  3. You take a team photo and publish the game
  4. We email / text your customers the photo while posting it on social media
  5. You use email marketing campaigns to stimulate return business
With our software you have access to also add automated email marketing campaigns, review management, leaderboards addons or simply remove steps such as team photos and just use the waiver. It's very customizable and powerful while being very easy-to-use for your staff.

How will my customers receive their team photos?

The first step of our software is always your customers completing your waiver. Once a customer has done so, we will have their email address and other bits of personal information in our database. During the waiver process we will also group your players together for a given time slot.

Naturally those customers will go on to participate in your attractions and once completed your staff will take a photo of their progress and publish their game.

At this point our software knows which of your customers participated in that game and our software will email and/or text each customer their team photo as well as posting that photo to your connected social media.

This process will happen instantly upon taking their team photo and publishing their game.

Will I need to buy any hardware?

That depends on your desired setup. Just understand that your customers will be filling out a waiver and your staff will be using an administrative app to "publish" or "complete" games. The very traditional setup includes 2 or 3 tablets in your venue's lobby and a tablet or two for your staff to publish those games in our administrative app.

However, there are many variations of this which include customers filling out the waiver on your website and their phones (using a QR Code you post in your lobby) and your staff using their personal devices to use the administrative app.

As far as photos go, any new device will suit the task just fine but we've found iOS devices take better photos, last longer but are more expensive while Android takes comparable photos, last a moderate amount of time but at a much cheaper cost.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! Create a subscription and depending on the interval of the subscription you'll have a given time period to test our software. If you don't like it within that period of time, contact us and we'll give you a full refund.

Below are the free trial periods by subscription interval:
  • Monthly - 7 days
  • Quarterly - 14 days
  • Annual - 30 days

Can I take tips for my gamemasters?

You have a few ways to handle this but it's ultimately up to your venue's discretion and the regional laws and taxes governing tipping.

That being said, you can add gamemasters to your account and associate their @Venmo usernames so they can be tipped by your customers. On the default completion email you can enable a section that allows your customers to tip their gamemaster through Venmo.

In the event you want to distribute those tips through a master account, you can set all of the gamemaster's @Venmo usernames to a centralized Venmo account and distribute the tips accordingly but you want to look into your region's tipping laws and how you'll handle that internally.

Do you have QR Codes?

Yes! Each account has a unique QR Code in which you can print out and post in your venue's lobby. Your customers can then use their phones to sign the waiver and remove potential bottlenecks on your in-store devices.

Do you provide waiver terms?

No. We provide the manner in which those terms are shown to and signed by your customers but we do not provide the terms themselves.

You are expected to create your own terms and then add them to the software to be shown and agreed upon by your customers.

Can I display leaderboards on a TV in my lobby?

Yes! With the Screencasting addon (in the Empowered plan) you can create "slides" that allow you to display leaderboards, team photos, market your services with advertisements and other various options.

You will need to buy a piece of hardware for this particular purpose (so your TV can receive data from a computer) such as ChromeCast by Google .

I have multiple stores, can I have one account to manage all?

Yes and no. Each store must have its own account which will segregate games, staff, admins, waivers, etc. However you can create a "Master Account" which will allow you to have administrators from that account navigate to all accounts under that Master Account without having to log in and out. With this access level your Master Account administrators can browse each store and update and manage their staff effectively.

You can, however, use your Master Account as your master email list by pushing all of your contacts from sub accounts to their default Audience. This will allow you to centralize your marketing efforts and costs on one account rather than multiple accounts.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Never! We are a traditional digital subscription service which means you subscribe to our service and cancel at any time.

Can I receive a refund for unused services?

We do have a money-back guarantee for our free trials which allows you to cancel your service prior to reaching the free trial deadline for a given subscription interval (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annual) and receive a full refund. Once the trial period has ended though, you are responsible for managing your services and subscription appropriately and you though refunds can be given selectively, they will not be given for services or addons that were subscribed to but unused prior to cancellation.