Event Manager

"Event management is the most stressful, unorganized and important part of our business. Thanks goodness for Escape Games Global."

Escape room event management can be a pain but we’ve got software that makes the entire process much simpler. With our Escape room event management software you’ll be able to send your waivers out prior to the game, track the signatures, send out team photos and give your event clients a time that they’ll never forget while making sure your staff focuses on entertaining your guests rather than tedious management.

Event Manager Features

  • Sends out your waivers prior to your event
  • Manages and tracks waiver participants and signatures
  • Sends team photos to all participants upon completion
  • Records event stats so you can analyze your growth
  • Shows your event customers a professional and organized technological touch
  • Tells you how many event customers HAVE NOT yet signed your waiver before the event


* waiver required