What our awesome customers have to say about us:

"Escape Games Global has made our social media networking, wavier acquisition and stat logging so easy we wouldn't want to use any one else!"
Cookeville Escape
"Escape Games Global will give your waivers and after game pictures the polished professional look that you want. I would highly recommend this to every escape room out there."
Jeremy Smith
"Escape Games Global is fantastic! We enjoy the fact that it effortlessly uploades our photos to Facebook and gives us the ability to put on a custom overlay. Mason is also super responsive if any questions arise!"
"We love having Escape Games Global as part of our business! Before signing up, we were struggling with paper waivers and tracking customers. Just being sure that pictures got loaded onto Facebook was a headache. Now we use the Escape Games Global system and have an easy to use waiver system, an easy to download list of emails for our business specials and announcements, and pictures automatically uploaded to our social media sites with an added bonus of team pictures sent to all participants. Awesome! Thanks Escape Games Global!"
Tracey Johnson
"Awesome software full of features which would be even better if more of us (ERs) used it!"
Jorge Constantino
"Escape Games Global has been a lifesaver! We save so much time with the Team Photos feature which uploads pictures immediately after the game finishes to our social media, and players get team photos to their email and phone via text. It's an easy to use software with amazing support. Keep building great stuff!."
"Escape games global really brought our escape room experience to a new level for our players. With instant photos to facebook were they could share their experience with friends and family and instant leaderboards were teams can compete with friends for the fastest time. Highly reccomend this to any escape room!"
"Our customers get so excited about the sign in process and stats now that we use Escape Games Global. It is great having returning customers in the system."
"Global Escape has continued to improve and impress. We are happy to have been one of their first partners in the escape room business experience!"
"Escape Games Global is a great application for our escape room! We were looking for an electronic waiver application, but everything was so expensive that we held off on it for a while until we found Escape Games Global. It is easy to use, inexpensive, and Miles was very helpful with the process of setting up the application. It makes it easier for us to sign in and track our customers. We like the fact that the application is always evolving and upgrading which is beneficial."
Excape Games
"Escape Games Global is great. The customer service is outstanding. They try to accommodate you in every way. The product offering has saved me so much time and effort in follow up, review generation and photo branding. Definitely a company worth using!"
Charles Odenz
"Escape Games Global has been a huge help for us here at Clue Avenue! We really appreciate the service that they provide, and I believe it's really helped up increase the amount of online reviews we get from customers on a regular basis! They've also been very quick to improve upon their service when I point out any small issues that I come across. I would highly recommend them."
Nicholas Pryor
"We seen the software at another escape room and knew we had to have it! After talking to Mason and getting a run down, we signed up. No going back now! The ease of the software from customers to the back end, is great! Emailing the customers, tracking stats, etc. are great!"
"This software has revolutionized our waiver-signing process. We can now be confident that each of our customers has filled out the correct forms before coming. It has definitely streamlined and simplified the process easing the stress of both the business and the client. Now, I can't see us operating without it."
Korey Adams
"Escape Games Global has been such treat for us. It has really simplified the check in process as well as record keeping and photo process. The best part of it all is that our mailing list just keeps on growing so we can keep our customers up to date."
Alexis Crouse
"Love it.. great app. Worked awesome."
"Awesome Service"
MindTrap Escape Room
"I do love your product for keeping track of photos and posting them to FB and emails! The staff is excited about the changeover. It makes it such a breeze to take photos, having that ability for custom overlays, and not having to worry about posting to FaceBook themselves - and we really love the look of the emails that come through to the customer. That side of the product is a real home run and you guys should be proud of it!"
Escape Reality Games
"We have been using the system for a few months and really love how simple it is. It is so much better than all those paper waivers."
Escape This
"Very Versatile, and accommodating with requests for the program."
"Escape Games Global will increase your mailing list tenfold. It's ability to transform your ordinary picture into a picture worth framing is in itself a great tool. The leader board promotes return customers. Customer service is great. I do believe that this feature should be used as a staple of the Escape Room industry because each place a customer visits that uses Escape Games Global has their information remembered. This means that not only are their points added on to their personal stats, but they do not have to enter their waiver information all over again. In short, the first location a customer visited that has E.G.G. took care of the hard part for you!"
Joseph B.
"Really love Escape Games Global. It looks clean and has the features I need to keep my players engaged after they leave. I also love that they continue to listen to feedback and evolve their product. It's affordable and dependable too!"
Murfreesboro Escape Rooms
"Escape Games Global has been fantastic! Our favorite feature is the QR code to access waivers. Constant updates and innovations have made this program the best bar none!"
Peter Carollo of Mobile Escape Room
"Very easy to integrate into our already established check in procedures. It has simplified the waiver process for us and our players. Happy to have implemented it, wish we would have done it earlier."
Jeffrey S
"We have been with Escape Games Global for a few years and not only love the software but the customer service. The Escape Games Global team are steadily adding new features, allow you to test a feature before subscribing and extremely helpful with all questions. The quick and easy upload of photos immediately after the game is priceless and the customers love seeing how they ranked amongst other players. Our favorite feature is the event manager. This streamlines waivers for our large group events and allows us to spend more time getting the group excited then house keeping tasks."
Jody Aramini
"Escape games global has streamlined our entire photo sending and review gathering process. Their customer support is responsive, and we've always felt well taken care of. We've been with them for a while, and we've seen them working diligently to add commonly requested features to their software at a consistent rate."
"This system makes doing business so much easier! The reporting is very helpful as well as the event manager as we do a ton of team building events so having waivers filled out before they get here saves a lot of time. Escape Games Global is well worth the money!"
"We have been using Escape Games Global since we've opened and to us the features and price cannot be beat. The text messaging feature is incredibly powerful and we love that we can use our waiver system to gather our customer's info for us to be able to let all of them know about future products etc, as opposed to only reaching out to the person that booked. Our customer's love receiving their team photo immediately before walking out the door and are very impressed with how smoothly the whole process goes, from checking in to exiting the building, and Escape Games Global is a huge part of that"
Mike Dold
"Escape Games Global has significantly improved our customer experience. The ability to forward pictures to customers, track waivers, and capture game statistics for a leaderboard all have Ben beneficial to our business. The Event Manager is great for many of the special group events we host."
Mary Hernandez
"LOVE LOVE LOVE Escape Games Global! Our guests love that if they have done a room before they only have to enter the email address and the rest pre-populates! Love also the statistics kept on each person! So convenient and easy to use as well"
Shane Moore, owner
"We love Escape Games Global!"
College Town Escape Rooms
"Escape Games Global has been a great help to keeping track of group times and photos. It adds great value for our players when receiving their team photos and team love to keep track of how well they have done in each room."
"Love this product! Truly a game changer for tracking your customers and their experience!,"
The Great Room Escape Layton, Utah
"We have been using this from the start 3 years ago and haven't once been tempted to change!"
"Easy and efficient setup allows us to customize times and private events."
"Very convenient app for waivers and customer service."
"Escape Games Global has definitely made our room management much easier.Mike McCuskerOwner, Escape Corvallis"
Mike McCusker
"Very user friendly and reliable."
Extreme Escape Redding
"Great, easy to use system! Quick response time for any inquiries as well."
Puzzling Escape
"Escape Games Global was incredibly user friendly for our escape room. I was very late on setting up my waiver process, and got signed up and ready to start handing out to customers within an hour or two. Great price and easy software."
Brandon West
"Layout is professional and support is prompt. Lots of fun add-ons that I am looking forward to implementing in order to improve my customer experiences."
Jarrod Bailey The Zone Escape Rooms