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What our awesome customers have to say about us:

"Escape Games Global has made our social media networking, wavier acquisition and stat logging so easy we wouldn't want to use any one else!"
Cookeville Escape
"Escape Games Global will give your waivers and after game pictures the polished professional look that you want. I would highly recommend this to every escape room out there."
Jeremy Smith
"Escape Games Global is fantastic! We enjoy the fact that it effortlessly uploades our photos to Facebook and gives us the ability to put on a custom overlay. Mason is also super responsive if any questions arise!"

How does it work?

Step 1:Customers Sign a Waiver
using our app

Step 2:Customers Play their Game

Step 3:You take their Team Photo
using our app

Step 4:Customers are Automatically Emailed & Texted

Step 5:Customers Visit Your Website & Social Media

Step 6:You Analyze your Stats

All of this for just a few taps on a tablet
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