100+ Escape Rooms that have Gamified their Waiver

How does it work?

Step 1:Customers Sign a Waiver
using our app

Step 2:Customers Play their Game

Step 3:You take their Team Photo
using our app

Step 4:Customers are Automatically Emailed & Texted

Step 5:Customers Visit Your Website & Social Media

Step 6:You Analyze your Stats

Step 7:Automate your Email Marketing

All of this for just a few taps on a tablet
and one low price

A lot of value, a very low cost


Everything you need to start off a new business with an awesome technological edge against your competitors!

  • Digital Waivers
  • Team Photos
  • Limited Email Marketing
  • External Promotion


Empowered ability to analyze your business's growth while providing an amazing experience to your customers!

  • All Basic features
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Advanced Stats
  • Website Integration
  • Revenue Validation


Everything you need to revolutionize your escape game business with automation, analytics and customer interaction!

  • All Basic & Core features
  • Event Manager
  • Texting Team Photos
  • Unlimited Team Photos
  • Custom Achievements
  • Review Scores
  • Multi-Store View
  • Screencasting
  • High Resolution Printing

What our awesome customers have to say about us:

"Very easy to integrate into our already established check in procedures. It has simplified the waiver process for us and our players. Happy to have implemented it, wish we would have done it earlier."
Jeffrey S
"Escape Games Global has been fantastic! Our favorite feature is the QR code to access waivers. Constant updates and innovations have made this program the best bar none!"
Peter Carollo of Mobile Escape Room
"Really love EGG. It looks clean and has the features I need to keep my players engaged after they leave. I also love that they continue to listen to feedback and evolve their product. It's affordable and dependable too!"
Murfreesboro Escape Rooms