Escape Game Email Marketing

Convert your user data into additional revenue by allowing the Escape Games Global team to add email marketing to your lead generation tools! We will customize a campaign just for your needs, track it with our system and use your promo codes. You just sit back in and generate the profits.

Our email marketing campaigns services are the same for both pricing models, you just select the means of payment that is right for your business.

Flat Fee

Flat fee prices are based on the amount of users you will be emailing during your campaign.

1 - 2,000 Users  $50
2,001 - 6,000 Users $100
6,001 - 12,000 Users $150
12,001 - 30,000 Users $200
30,001 - 75,000 Users $300
For customer volumes above 75k, call for pricing

Rev Share

We'll take care of every little detail for you,
including cost!

We'll create & maintain your escape game email marketing campaign and we'll simply take 20% of whatever gets booked using the campaign's promo code.

It's simple: give us the dates, the promo code and what you want to promote and we'll take care of the rest and you collect!